Awakend Nation is a new movement created to help you become the most powerful YOU through HEALTH, SELF and WEALTH!

How is Awakend Nation achieving this awakening? By pairing breakthrough products with revolutionary programs that ignite your Awakend Self.
Awakend Nation Health

Awakend Health begins with tackling the major health issues that we all struggle with. Do you have excess fat, foggy memory, or high blood pressure? Awakend Nation will be bringing you breakthrough products that will help you tackle these health issues so that you can reclaim your life!

Awakend Nation Self

Awakend Self is all about you understanding how to create your own reality. This all begins with an Awakend Mind. The mindset program will teach you how to rewire your brain and manifest the incredible life that you are more than capable of designing and living. You can achieve anything with the right mindset!

Awakend Nation Wealth

Awakend Wealth comes down to believing that your life can be abundant in all areas. Awakend wants your life to extremely abundant and will provide all the pieces to help make this possible. The breakthrough products and programs will ignite you and we invite you to share Awakend Nation with others.

Awakend Nation is Making History

Awakend Nation is the first MLM Company to introduce Web 3.0 + Product! You can now become a Founding Member of Awakend and receive exclusive privileges and perks with a Digital Collectible NFT Founder Package! You can jump-start your Awakend Wealth journey with an offering that is disrupting the industry!

Awakend digital collectibles, are also known as NFT’s. The NFT will provide you benefits to your business right from the start. Think of them like a VIP membership that will provide incredible perks! What is the catch? There are only 22,222 available and they will soon sell out!

The Elite Founders Package Includes:

• 1 Unique Awakend Nation Digital Collectible – NFT.
• Prosper & Thrive Enrollment Pack $1500 Value | 12 Bottles of the Zenith Product.
• A Base Paid Rank of the Diamond Rank for 5 Years. Earns Level 1, 2, & 3 Matching Bonus
• 1O Kick Off 2023 Tickets $2000 Value. VIP Package: Stage Walk, Prívate Welcome Reception, 2 Reserved Seats, Lounge Access, VIP Recognition, Exclusive Swag & More!
• Exclusive Access to Founder Training.
• Product Advisory Committee Member 1 Year Exclusive Access to Master Training.
• FREE Monthly Shipping Fees 2 Years.
• Access to Exclusive Promotions.
• First Access for Future NFT Launches.
• Prívate Awakend Nation Member Services Support Line

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Awakend’s Exclusive Rights to ZENITH

Statement Regarding Awakend’s Exclusive Rights to ZENITH The MLM world is abuzz pending the launch of a new product from Awakend under the new tradename Zenith. Zenith is a revolutionary weight loss product. The product is manufactured from the original formula that has been clinically tested by the University of Connecticut (UCONN ). This product…