Awakend ZENITH Ingredients contain ZERO harmful stimulants.
ZENITH is made of all-natural polysaccharides and fatty acids.
These ingredients are safe for long-term weight loss

Awakend ZENITH Ingredients are a Combination of:

~ Proprietary mixture of 6 cetylated fatty acids (ie, cetyl-myristoleate).

~ HPMCs (hydroxypropyl methylcellulose; three very specific viscous fibers).

Awakend Zenith Ingredients

For maximum results, take 2 capsules twice daily 30 minutes before your largest meals of the day, with 8 oz of water. For best results, use ZENITH with a reduced calorie diet along with a regular exercise program. Consume 8-10 glasses of water per day and read the entire label before using.


ZENITH is the most clinically-effective weight loss product currently available and ZENITH is a proven fat loss accelerator that works through the body’s leptin system.


Because ZENITH gently lowers your Leptin levels to restore better communication between fat cells and your brain. This allows your brain to hear the “stop eating and burn fat” messages.

ZENITH: Product Development:

Patents: 2 Patents

Sourcing: USA Sourced and Produced

Rationale Behind Awakend ZENITH Ingredients:

Patented Technology
  • Granted US#6,899,892 – “Methods to reduce body fat”
  • Published US#2020/0253910 – “Method for increasing serum adiponectin for treatment and reduction of the risk of cardiovascular, vascular, and related disease.”
  • World-Wide patent (PCT; WO/2003/053469)
  • Dr Dan Gallaher (Professor, Food Science and Nutrition, U Minn)
  • Patent shows reduction in body fat and serum leptin using highly viscous polysaccharides (eg, HV HPMCs)
Proprietary anti-inflammatory
  • Obesity is associated w/chronic low-grade inflammation and the Esterified fatty acid combo is a patented anti-inflammatory.
  • Weight loss programs combining exercise and diet strategies appear to be more effective than either of these strategies administered alone.
Awakend Zenith Ingredients - Soy Free
Awakend Zenith Guarantee

Awakend Zenith Ingredients